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1789 films was created in the late 1990s in order to help make it easy for international productions companies to come and film in France. Since then the company has gained a wealth of experience in handling film productions from all over the world. Even though 1789 is based in France the company is able to facilitate productions in Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Netherlands, Germany and Sweden.

Over the years 1789 has naturally expanded from working on commercial projects to also working on film and TV productions and further with stills photographers

So no matter what your project, no matter how big or how small, 1789 films is here to help you to realise and bring your production to finality.  We are able to help with everything that your production might need, from finding locations, helping with equipment and crews, casting etc... to tailoring your budgets.


Xavier Legris has been the back bone of 1789 films ever since it was created in the 1990's and has managed the majority of the productions 1789 films has been involved in.

Xavier has been working within the film and tv industry since 1980 and in that time he has garnered a real depth of knowledge. After gaining valuable experience working in Paris and then overseas, he eventually settled in the South of France. It was here, that Xavier built his reputation, having worked on more than 80 TV Commercials, multiple film and television productions and over 30 stills productions. While working on these productions he gained experience in many different roles such as location finder, location manager, unit manager, production manager and line producer.

Xavier Legris is a safe pair of hands who will strive to help make your production work, on time and on budget.


AIRBUS, Nikon Japan, Lexus Japan, Toyota Japan, Qantas, VW Commercial, Bordeaux Wines Civb BSKYB, Mercedes, Yamaha ATV, Vredestein,, Citorën, UK National Lottery, Stella Artois, Range Rover Sport, Range Rover Freelander, Renault UK, Ford UK, Puma, Expedia Mexico, BMW, VW....



robert altman
sadry adhamy
annette aurell
christian banfield
daniel barber
bertrand blier
hark bohm
patrick bouchitey
dick buckley
daniel bruce
steve campbell
seb caudron
claude chabrol
chris dada
david danesi
alex diezinger
serge gainsbourg
rodrigo garcia
jim goddard
tsui hark
peter hyams


hugh johnson
erich joiner
stephane kappes
david kellogg
ringo lam
jerome langlade
olivier langlois
patrice leconte
peter lindbergh
david lodge
kurt mayer
sarah moon
mehdi norowzian
thierry peythieut
philippe pollet-villard
julien rambaldi
peter refle
peter rose
arnaud roussel
jean pierre roux
bruno sauvard




ridley scott
lee shulman
nigel simpkiss
chris smith
mel smith
oliver sommer
steven spielberg
fred tellier
andy tennant
david tucker
jean van de velde
hans van rijs
vaughn & anthea
malcolm venville
franck voiturier
patrick volson
peter west
roger woo
pascal zabus
ivan zacharias
erick zonca                   


patrick curtet
uwe duettmann
philippe dureuil
thomas duval
heather favell
steve garforth
dereck gardner
stuart hall
paul haverkort
hien lam duc
duncan mc nicol
m matsumoto
paul murphy
duncan mc nicol
denis rouvre
yves paternoster
christopher thomas
matthijs van roon
ellen von unwerth ....
m matsumoto
paul murphy
denis rouvre
yves paternoster
christopher thomas
matthijs van roon
ellen von unwerth ....


France , a great location diversity

Coastline :  Channel Sea , Iroise Sea,  Atlantic Ocean and none the least a chunk of Mediterranean coast.
Mountains : Alps and Pyrenees, Massif Central, Jura, les Vosges , les monts d'Arrhée.
And rivers, plains, plateaux, cliffs, cities , harbours , bridges, caves, peaks, waterfalls, dunes....

France , Regions

Southern France is the Riviera, Saint Tropez,  Provence, Corsica,  the southern Alps,  and Camargue, it is also Languedoc Roussillon and Midi Pyrenees  (incl areas like Corbières, wild  Pyrenees,  les Causses, Aubrac, Lot, Gers... and has among the most beautiful villages and many locations for period films.

And South is also Basque Country, Biarritz,  Arcachon and les Landes, Dordogne with its medieval towns and castles and so on ...Northern France is Paris, Normandy , Loire Valley, Brittany, Burgundy, the Alps all these wonderful places but also Alsace, Lorraine, Jura , wild Auvergne, Picardie etc...
1789 Films has extensive knowledge of most territories and access to local resources


France , Tax Rebate for International Productions " TRIP " and Financial Support

1789 films can apply for the Tax Rebate for International Productions which reduces budget by getting money back from expenditures done in France.
To see if your project may qualify, please contact us so we can work on your project in time . This Tax Credit is now 30%.

Local or regional  help may be available depending on the nature of your project.  But these helps may  take some time to raise.